Elephant Tears Its Handler In 2 While Being Forced To Operate In Extreme Hot Temperature

Pom Pam was hauling a visit to a rubber vineyard when he unexpectedly Killed his trainer in a violent rampage.

Eastern elephants are routinely put through hard labor and grueling circumstances in the logging and tourism sectors.

After being made to transport rubberwood logs in extremely hot temperatures, a 20-year-old elephant tore its handler in half in the Phang Nga province of southerly Thailand.

As reported by Newsweek, an elephant named Pom Pam was found towering above the body of Supachai Wongfaed, 32, who had been utilizing the elephant to transport extensive quantities of wood. His body was ripped in two, filled with stab wounds from Pom Pam’s tusks, and depending on a swimming pool of blood, VICE reported.

Rescuers needed to tranquilize Pom Pam while they fetched Wongfaed’s remains and also checked out the scene. Authorities later clarified that they feel the elephant may have “gone bananas” due to the heat and routed its craze toward Wongfaed.

Temperatures in Phang Nga have regularly been around 89 levels Fahrenheit.

While authorities were quick to blame the warm, Chase LaDue, a postdoctoral other in pet behavior at the Oklahoma City Zoo as well as Botanical Garden, told VICE that in his research studies, he has located aggression in elephants to be rare– as well as not affected by temperature level.

” I would not expect temperature to be an aspect, specifically in a location like Thailand that consistently experiences high temperatures,” he stated. “Elephants are intelligent pets that our company believe display intricacy in emotions. The human-elephant relationship can be just as intricate, therefore a variety of factors might have contributed to this heartbreaking case.”

Elephants are generally friendly in the direction of people, but specific physical, emotional, and environmental stress factors can make them aggressive.

LaDue additionally explained that male elephants in Asia undergo a duration known as “musth,” identified by erratic behavior and surging testosterone levels, around two decades old. Pom Pam may have been entering musth as Wongfaed was unaware.

It’s likewise feasible that Pom Pam was entering a period of sex-related and social maturity, which can occasionally trigger male elephants to become hostile, mainly if they weren’t raised with other male elephants from whom they could learn social abilities.

An additional elephant scientist, Hannah S. Mumby, an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong, informed VICE that human-elephant relationships could be identified by a variety of elements, including the elephant’s age, personality, as well as sex-related state– but environmental factors and also experiences play a significant duty as well.

” Generally,” Mumby said, “very hot weather is a large concern for elephants due to their body size. Elephants can be impacted by dehydration, heat stress and anxiety, and also exhaustion in the warm.”

Along with the warm, climate change may be producing other stressors for the elephant populace, diminishing supplies of water and food and requiring them into human settlements looking for sources.

It’s likely that these ecological stressors, paired with the grueling labor of hauling logs, could have activated Pom Pam– mainly if he wasn’t being treated well.


Elephants used for tourism are often trained with bullhooks, stout poles with steel tips. Elephant trainers utilize them to apply stress to delicate factors on an elephant's body.

Nature Globe-News reported that Thai elephants, specifically, have long endured psychological and physical damages due to being damaged and also based on hard labor in the logging and tourism sectors.

The nonprofit organization Conserves the Oriental Elephants has gathered countless pieces of proof that elephants face severe mistreatment in “abnormal forceful tasks” like logging and tourist.

About 60 percent of the elephants in Thailand are kept in bondage– and most of those elephants are used in the tourist sector after that. The rest are frequently trained for labor-intensive festivals and also parties. Bullhooks are commonly utilized to educate the elephants.

Overall, Save the Asian Elephants has found that circumstances of elephant persecution have led to almost 2,000 human deaths and serious injuries.

Duncan McNair, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Asian Elephants, claimed that the case with Pom Pam “is yet another raw tip that Eastern elephants are and also constantly remain wild animals that can strike and eliminate when they are abused or excessively worried by people.”

He continued, “They experience deeply, mentally as well as literally, when damaged and also forced into continuous severe toil in logging and related activities.”

As Mumby placed it, “All elephants are wild, even when kept in bondage.”

Pom Pam’s story is regretfully simply among many circumstances of elephant persecution. For more information, see the story of the emaciated elephant compelled to march in a parade in Sri Lanka. Or, read about the Botswanan federal government raising its ban on elephant searching.

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