Boat Accident In Ghazipur: Bodies of all those missing in the boat accident were recovered on Thursday morning, 22 others barely survived

Boat Accident In Ganga An engine-powered boat full of 30 people, which had gone to Nauli to market from Eighththa village in Revatipur, Ghazipur, sank at some distance while returning. In this boat accident, 22 people were saved, while two died and the rest were missing.

While the last rites of the dead in the boat accident in the district were performed on Thursday, the search for the missing people continued in the morning. But the search for people in the flood waters is also facing a lot of difficulty. However, the administration claims that the search is on at an extensive level. 

In the boat accident near Revatipur village Aththa, relief and rescue work was started again from 8 am. In which five missing people took out the bodies of two teenagers from the water, in which the bodies of Amit Paswan son Vijay Shankar (8) and Satyam Gaur son W (15) were found first. At the same time, the bodies of Sandhya’s daughter Anil Paswan (8) and Khushal’s son Dayashankar (11) were also found. At the same time, Alisha’s body was also recovered by the afternoon. Thus, the relief and rescue operations were stopped after the bodies were recovered for a total year including two on Wednesday and five on Thursday. While the bodies of Dabloo Gond and Nagina Paswan were recovered on Wednesday itself. While the sailor had swam to the shore.

An engine-driven boat full of 30 people, which had gone from Eighththa village to Nauli to market, overturned due to overload at some distance while returning. Two people aboard have died, while the search for five innocent children is still going on. The sailor somehow saved his life by swimming. Apart from this, 22 people were rescued by the promptness of the local villagers. After the incident, there was chaos in the entire area and a huge crowd of people gathered on seeing it. Late in the evening, District Magistrate MP Singh and Superintendent of Police Rohan P. Betre reached and inquired about the entire incident.

Eighteenth village has been surrounded on all sides due to the floods in the Ganges, cutting off its connectivity with other villages. In such a situation, the people of the village are coming and going out of the boat itself. On Wednesday, the engine-powered small boat installed by the administration was parked. Late in the evening, about 30 people of the village, including 15 men, 10 women and five children, went to the nearby village of Nauli market by boarding the same boat. Everyone was returning after doing the market from here at around 4.30 pm. The boatman had left with all the people that at some distance the boat overturned uncontrollably due to overload.

The boat ride was heavy: All the people in the boat tried to recover, but due to the high depth, all started drowning. Sailor Ram Singh Mallah saved his life by swimming. When two bodies were recovered on Wednesday, their search continued till late night. District Magistrate Mangala Prasad Singh and Superintendent of Police Rohan P. Botre reached the spot and after taking information about the entire incident, gave necessary directions to the subordinates.

Accident near the village: Eighthta is a very small village. There are three ways to reach the village, but due to waterlogging on all the routes, it has lost its connectivity with other villages. Boats have been arranged by the administration for the movement of people. The distance of the market from the eighteenth village is only about two hundred meters, but the deep gap in the middle made many far away from their loved ones. People looking at each other face to face cannot even believe that such a big accident has happened so close to the village.

Children had insisted on boarding the boat  : When the people of Eighththa village were going by boat to Nauli market, their children also started insisting on seeing the boat. His relatives also refused, but due to his insistence, made everyone sit. There was also Satyam, the son of Dabloo God. While Dablu has died, Satyam is still missing. The relatives of all the missing children are sitting gazing that perhaps their beloved will be saved.

There was silence in the surrounding villages too : After the boat accident, not only eighteenth, but also the nearby villages including Nauli, Utrauli, Trilokpur, there was silence. Everyone kept discussing this incident, whoever saw this scene, his heart trembled. People gathered at Nauli Chatti till late in the evening.

When the DM-SP arrived, there was a gathering  : After the Chief Minister’s program was over, late in the evening, District Magistrate Mangala Prasad Singh and Superintendent of Police Rohan P. Botre arrived with full force. Due to such a big accident and late arrival of the top officials, a huge crowd of people gathered on the spot. The people kept demanding from both the top officials to give proper help to the victim’s relatives.

saved 22 people : As soon as a small boat full of 30 people who were going to their home eighty-five by boat sank, dozens of villagers present there jumped to the rescue as angels. In this, most people had tires and tubes, with the help of which they swam and took people out of deep water. According to eyewitnesses, everyone was going happily after boarding the boat. As soon as the boat departed from Nauli, it overturned at some distance. The people standing there were shocked to see this. People were thinking that Ajit, Santosh, Arvind, Dashrath, Bhual, Pradumna, Rakesh, Rambaran, who were present there, jumped into the water to save the drowned people. In view of the flood, the villagers were keeping tires and tubes around, which came in very handy. Seeing the screams of drowning people, no one present there could stop himself. Due to the short distance and the flow of water, some people automatically came to the shore, Which the villagers pulled out. At the same time, with the help of tires and tubes, the youths not only rescued the drowning people but also brought them out to their homes. Everyone who was listening to this act of the youth was applauding.


A small canoe with a population of three thousand: Describing all the instructions of the Chief Minister regarding the flood, the Sevarai Tehsil administration sent a small boat for the villagers, which became a time for the villagers. The flood waters have entered the village Aththa with a population of about three thousand. The Sewrai tehsil administration had provided a canoe for the village, from which people used to move to Nauli market, 200 meters away, to buy goods. Villagers say that the boat was small and the men on it, A total of 30 people were aboard, carrying women and children. Being small, the boat could not bear the weight of the people and started to wobble only after going some distance. By the time people could recover the boat capsized and people started drowning. The villagers expressed their displeasure over the fact that the administrative officials of the tehsil kept on claiming preparations for the flood only in the air. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who came to meet the flood victims in Muhammadabad on Wednesday, not only alerted the administrative officials but also instructed them not to be negligent at any level, but the officers did not learn from it. Maybe this is the reason why the accident happened.


middle-aged dies after drowning in flood water : Ganga Yadav, a resident of the village died due to drowning in flood waters in Raghunathpur Baan of Zamania police station area late on Wednesday evening. Relatives reached the spot, the police sent the body to the district headquarters for post-mortem. Ganga Yadav had gone to cut fodder for the animals in the field located a short distance away from his house at four o’clock in the evening. They took him out of the water and took him to a private hospital where the doctor declared him dead. Kotwali police on information, Kanungo and Regional Lekhpal reached the spot and got involved in necessary action. MLA representative Mannu Singh reached the spot and expressed condolences and assured of help. Additional Kotwali in-charge Shivpratap Verma said that the deceased were coming from the Dera to their house in the village and drowned as the flood waters spread all around. The body has been sent to the district headquarters for autopsy.

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