5G hasn’t even arrived yet and fake news has started pouring in!

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5G hasn't even arrived yet and fake news has started pouring in!

The settlement is not even settled yet and the robbers came first. Yes, we are talking about fraud in the name of 5G. Now how this is happening, they will also tell and answer many basic questions related to 5G. Like what will work in your phone, will the SIM have to be changed, do not have to put a tower on the house or car. 

It has become so sure that very soon you and I will be able to use 5G. The auction is over. Airtel has officially told that it will launch 5G in this month itself. About Jio is also believed to be almost the same. Now whatever is going on in the market and in WhatsApp University ahead of this, consider it to be mere knowledge. Whatever comes in his mind, he is carrying his knowledge. Thugs take advantage of such knowledge and rumors and do not leave any chance to cut your pocket. How many people are getting calls to upgrade to 5G sim. You know what happens next. From OTP to Link. Clicked and Scandal. Therefore it is very important to know some basic things. First of all, how will you know whether your phone will run 5G or not?

iphone users 

Talk about them first because it is very easy for them. The iPhone will run in the 12 and 13 series. Those with iPhone SE (3rd generation) will also be able to enjoy. Forget the ones before that. Means those with 11 series and below that. By the way, you will be able to check this yourself. By Pay, we mean when the service becomes available. You will also see the option of 5G in Voice and data inside Cellular.

Android users

There may be some confusion for you because 5G smartphones have been coming for almost two and a half years. From flagship to midrange. It is possible that if you have taken a new smartphone during this time, then it will support 5G. Yes, if you want to know, then go to the settings of your own smartphone. Here in the mobile network, if 5G or 5G/4G/3G/2G” or “Only 5G” is seen, then it is fun and otherwise it does not matter because 4G is not going anywhere. Why it is not going anywhere is the next point.

Will 4G stop?

No, not at all, it will go on as it is. Listen to the statement of Deloitte company regarding this. While 4G was a major upgrade in technology from 3G, 5G is an enhanced version of existing Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology that will make it much easier for operators to develop their LTE networks. That is to say, your 4G handset will not run but will keep running. 5G means very fast speed of data. If you want that, then you have to take such a handset.

Do you need 5G SIM?

Based on the information available so far, the same can be said…No not at all, because the 4G/LTE SIM installed in your phone is ready for the upcoming 5G network. You will feel that how, brother, the preparation has been going on for years. Many networks abroad like T-Mobile (US), AT&T (US), EE (UK) are offering 5G service on their 4G/LTE SIM. Yes, you are one of those rare people who are still running 3G SIM, then it is a different matter. Once 5G comes, all you have to do is select the network on your smartphone. Perhaps smartphone companies should also give such an update in which by default network is enabled. However, later you may get to see 5G SIMs for better coverage.

Now the thieves’ search news

If you get a call to upgrade your SIM, like some people have, then just ignore it. This is a type of fraud. R brother, there are three companies in the whole country, so if anything new happens, it will be told in bold letters from newspaper to news and on their social media. If there is some misunderstanding then what is the customer care or service center for. Do not click on any link, email in the name of 5G. In a few days everything will be as clear as water.

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